Review of EXO-K’s Album ‘Overdose’

I’m continuing on with the EXO theme I had going last week, and will now be reviewing the album as well! This was a highly anticipated comeback, and since I haven’t seen anything new that I’ve wanted to review lately, this is what I’m going with.

Track 1 – Overdose


This is an EXO-K version! I’m realizing now that the version that was in the music video is really the “EXO version” that’s on this album. Which means it’s still weird that they called the music video “EXO-K”. But I won’t go on about this again. It’s been done.

This is the same song that’s in the video, except now EXO-K members sing the parts of the EXO-M members. I’ve already written a full review of that song and video (here) so I won’t go into that too much again.

I did say in that review that I expected this song to grow on me though. So here’s the follow-up on that; so far, it hasn’t. I still think it’s an alright song, but I do think it’s a little jarring. Especially compared to the rest of the album, which is infinitely smoother.

Track 2 – Moonlight


This is the mandatory ballad of the album, and it’s also Baekhyun and D.O’s own song. Hearing them sing together in perfect harmony like this feels like such a throwback to ‘What is Love’, which gives me some fuzzy feels.

I’m not crazy about ballads, and I would have to be in a very specific kind of mood to listen through a song like this, but I do think it’s a very gorgeous song. They sing it beautifully, and I love the poeticness of the lyrics.

Track 3 – Thunder


This is what seems to be the fan favorite on this album, and it’s my favorite as well. It’s a very smooth and sexy track, which I always like. It also has a haunted feel, which I also always like.

I really like the metaphor they used in this song. The idea of the girl being the lightening, and already being gone when they, the thunder, call out to her is lovely. Very creative, and quite haunting.

D.O and Baekhyun both sound great here, but I wouldn’t expect less. I prefer D.O in this song, but I am fonder of his voice in general, so that it is to be expected.

I wasn’t very fond of the rap breakdown at all, I found it unnecessary. I thought Kai’s singing lines were fine, except for the one at the end which I found a little jarring. Work on that, babe. Get Taemin to help you, he knows how to do this.

Chanyeol’s singing! I’m not crazy about his singing, but since I absolutely adore his voice whatever he does with it, I’m happy that they let him sing.

But the one who truly killed it in this song was Suho. Flawless, just beautiful. Some of the parts were incredible, his voice really worked for this song.

Track 4 – Run


I quite like this song. Not as much as I like ‘Thunder’, but it’s an alright little song. I really like the intro, and overall this is a nice little retro song. Not too special, but good enough.

D.O, Suho and Baekhyun all sound good in this song, plus we got some more of Chanyeol singing, and he sounded good as well.

Kai only got a couple of lines, which might be about what he can handle right now. He did well with them either way.

I don’t think they should have included those three random rap lines, but I guess they had to give Sehun something to do.

I love the way Suho and Baekhyun sound when they sing together, their voices blend very well.

Track 5 – Love Love Love


As a really big fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender I can’t really not like this song. I’m not at all crazy about it, but it is quite a smooth song.

The instrumentals in this song are, at places, really whack. I haven’t really decided if I like it or not yet, but it sure got my attention.

Suho, Baekhyun and D.O all sound good in this song, as I expect from them. I’d have to say that I like Baekhyun’s singing the most in this song though, I think it fit him the best.

I like the rap parts in this song, all three of them. I especially like the rap intro, and I don’t think any of the rap parts felt at all awkward, which is rare.

Track 6 – Overdose (EXO Version)


The EXO version is what’s in the video, so I’ve already spoken about this song quite a lot.

Final Thoughts

I’m not blown away by this comeback by EXO. I think ‘Overdose’ is an alright song, and the album is consistently alright as well. I think ‘Thunder’ is a gem, and that all the songs are worth at least one listen, but they don’t amaze me.


Let me know your thoughts about this album, and overall comeback, in the comments!

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– Admin A


7 thoughts on “Review of EXO-K’s Album ‘Overdose’

  1. OMG you’re an Avatar fan!!!!!!!!! High-five! Yes, when the earth air water fire part comes on, I always think of Avatar and Korra! Have you watched The Legend of Korra yet?

  2. My favorite is Moonlight. Luhan and Chen completely nailed the song, I’m surprised Lay didn’t get a lot of parts since he has a really nice voice too. I’m talking about the Mandarin version in case you don’t know, I only listen to the Mandarin version lol.
    This album definitely isn’t Growl level, but decent over all. Not a fan of Overdose either, maybe it’s because I’m still not over Growl haha.

  3. I like moonlight by exo-m the most….I always listen almost 10 times a day till now….i am indian n i hve no idea about korean or mandarin…but i like exo-m…

    1. It’s beautifully sung, but I’m not very fond of ballads, so I don’t listen to it often. And language doesn’t matter! All you need is being able to appreciate good music.

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