Attraction Levels of Kpop Groups – 2AM vs B2ST vs LC9

With this post we are 75% done with these posts. I don’t know what I should do after that, to be honest. So I would for sure appreciate suggestions! I’ll definitely make sure to figure something out either way though, of course.

Here are the rules:

1. Between two and four groups of the same sex are chosen. (Almost all posts will be three groups, and most will be with male groups)

2. Each member within each group is presented through three pictures and scored from one to ten, based on how attractive I find them.

3. Each group’s average score is calculated and the winning group is announced.

4. The three members with the highest scores from each group go head to head, and an individual winner is announced.

5. Plenty of polls are added in the end so can you show how much you agree or disagree with me.


First Candidate: Changmin




Changmin has a slamming body. But besides that I’m not that crazy about his look. He has a good face, but he’s not gorgeous. So why am I this attracted to him?! I’m not super duper attracted to him, but I feel like I’m more attracted to him than I logically should be.

Score: 8

Second Candidate: Seulong




Seulong is ripped as hell, just like Changmin. For some reason I’ve always thought that he looks a little non-Korean. I’m not sure where in the world I would place him instead, but there’s something off. He’s a handsome man, but I’m not mad about him in any way.

Score: 7

Third Candidate: Jo Kwon




I’m always shocked whenever I see how ripped Jo Kwon really is, but I guess that’s what happens in a group like this, and with constant interactions with 2PM. But besides that he’s really quite a baby-face, and such a cutie. I adore Jo Kwon, but when it comes to attraction he isn’t really my cup of tea.

Score: 6.5

Final Candidate: Jinwoon




Jinwoon is one of those people who are such a strange mix between sexy and cute that you don’t really know how to relate to them. I can’t handle how hot he looks in the shot with the guitar, but when he smiles he’s just too adorable. He has a very interesting face, which I like a lot.

Score: 8.5


First Candidate: Doojoon




I’m crazy about Doojoon’s face. He’s such a great mix between classically handsome and somewhat edgy that I just can’t enough. He needs the right haircut through, the wrong hairstyle really plains him down.

Score: 7.5

Second Candidate: Hyunseung




Hyunseung is another guy where how much I’m attracted to him depends a lot on styling and hairstyle. In this case though, it’s not that I don’t think he looks good in the hairstyles, it’s just that he sometimes looks a little too cute for me. I really love his hair when his bangs are off his face, and the look he had for the latest Troublemaker promotions was perfect.

Score: 8

Third Candidate: Junhyung




I’ve never been very fond of Junhyung’s look. He has an almost harsh face, and it just isn’t my personal taste.

Score: 6.5

Fourth Candidate: Yoseob




Yoseob is notorious in the kpop sphere for looking younger than he is. I mean, 24. Really?! That just blows me away, and makes me feel weirdly uncomfortable at the same time. And if I felt attracted to him I would feel like a pedophile, so I guess it’s good that I don’t.

Score: 6

Fifth Candidate: Kikwang




Kikwang is so gorgeous. He’s quite cute, but mostly he’s just incredibly good-looking. I approve very much.

Score: 8.5

Final Candidate: Dongwoon




The contrast between how Yoseob and Dongwoon, the maknae, look is incredible. Yoseob is almost a year and a half older than Dongwoon, but if we just made Yoseob shorter and removed some muscles he could basically be Dongwoon’s son.

Score: 7


First Candidate: Rasa




Rasa is so beautiful that he almost makes me a little uncomfortable. I really like his look, and I’ve been a little too attracted to him ever since I saw his teaser.

Score: 8.5

Second Candidate: E.Den




Ever since I got to know LC9 E.Den has reminded me a lot of Kris from EXO. I don’t just think they look quite alike, but they’re also both tall rappers from Canada. I mean, how can you not see it? I find E.Den to be very attractive, and when he speaks English it’s hard not to swoon like a complete fangirl.

Score: 8

Third Candidate: J-Hyo




J-Hyo is such a charming and distracting little thing. When I think of the word ‘cheeky’ his face is the first thing I see. I like it a lot though, and I find it very hard to resist him.

Score: 8.5

Fourth Candidate: King




I’m not sure why, but for some reason King looks mixed to me. And besides that, I think he’s a good-looking guy, with a cool look, I’ve just never felt any real attraction towards him. Sorry, King.

Score: 7

Fifth Candidate: Jun




Jun has a lot of that ulzzang look we all know, and I do think that he looks younger than his 20 years. He’s really cute, sometimes too much so, but the fact that he has a quite dark voice helps balance out the cute a little.

Score: 7.5

Final Candidate: AO




AO is pretty much my age, but he just looks way too little for me to ever find him attractive. I don’t really find him cute, I just think his look is immature, and it doesn’t work for me.

Score: 6

Average Scores

2AM: 7.50

B2ST: 7.25

LC9: 7.58

Which means that LC9 just barely snagged the team win from 2AM, who end up on second place, and that B2ST end up being third.

Individual Winner

Representing 2AM:



Representing B2ST:



Representing LC9:



(Chosen over J-Hyo because he’s higher on my bias list)

And the winner is…


This was a really tough one. All three of them had the same score, and I’m very much equally attracted to them. But I guess Jinwoon’s body and overall look in those two shots really convinced me. Between Kikwang and Rasa I guess I’d have to say that I’m more attracted to Kikwang, but it’s really very close.

Here are the polls!


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2 thoughts on “Attraction Levels of Kpop Groups – 2AM vs B2ST vs LC9

  1. I was wondering if you are planning on making a post regarding the current situation with Kris vs SM. I am curious about what you think of this whole situation.

    1. Maybe, but not until things are a lot clearer. I’d like to share my thoughts on it all, but I can’t do that until I know more about what’s really going on.

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