Attraction Levels of Kpop Groups – GOT7 vs BTS vs JYJ

First: OMG guys! Today this blog reached a total of 10,000 views! It’s been less than four months since I started this blog and I’m really amazed by how quickly it’s grown. I really appreciate you all taking the time to read the silly little things that I write. I just started this blog for a bit of fun, and I never would have dreamt about expecting it to be read by so many. So, thank you. You’re awesome.

Now that that’s done let’s move on to this week’s list! Today I’ll be ranking two rookie groups (yes BTS are still technically rookies) and one group that was born from the ashes of what is now known as one of the biggest law suits in kpop history. Probably even the biggest.

Here are the rules:

1. Between two and four groups of the same sex are chosen. (Almost all posts will be three groups, and most will be with male groups)

2. Each member within each group is presented through three pictures and scored from one to ten, based on how attractive I find them.

3. Each group’s average score is calculated and the winning group is announced.

4. The three members with the highest scores from each group go head to head, and an individual winner is announced.

5. Plenty of polls are added in the end so can you show how much you agree or disagree with me.

Extremely uncomplicated. Now let’s move on to GOT7!


First Candidate: Mark 




While I don’t think that Mark has the absolute perfect face, I am extremely attracted to him. He’s got such a charm, and such a twinkle, that I really can’t help it. His smile is gorgeous, and I’m just loving his whole style.

Score: 8.5

Second Candidate: JB




I’m not sure what it is, but there’s just something that I find very attractive about JB’s face… It’s not a classically perfect face in any way, but it has an approachable type of attractiveness that I really like. I’m not super attracted to him in general though, vibe-wise he doesn’t really do anything for me.

Score: 7

Third Candidate: Jackson




Jackson is just… sexy. I actually kind of wish that he acted more like the bad boy vibe that he gives off, because that would make him even sexier to me. It’s quite clear so far that he’s been marketed as the sex-appeal of the group, and I think he’s pulled that off very well.

Score: 8.5

Fourth Candidate: Jr.




Jr. is a confusing one… Most of the time I just find him very cute, and not that attractive, but then sometimes he just turns on this extreme sexiness, and then I can’t handle him! It’s very confusing, and I’m not cool with it! (But don’t stop.)

Score: 7.5

Fifth Candidate: Youngjae




I’m sorry, but Youngjae does very little for me. I just don’t find him particularly attractive, that’s just it.

Score: 6

Sixth Candidate: BamBam




BamBam is not that much younger than me, but he has such a young look that I’d feel like I was attracted to a 13-year-old if I wanted him. He’s absolutely a very cute guy, but he just looks so young that I feel slightly uncomfortable. I’ll give him a few years.

Score: 6.5

Final Candiate: Yugyeom 




I really can’t process the fact that Yugyeom’s younger than BamBam, it’s just too damn unbelievable. I do see plenty of potential in Yugyeom, especially looking at these pictures, but so far I haven’t really been attracted to him. I’m looking forward to seeing him mature though.

Score: 7


First Candidate: Jin




Jin has such a clean-cut kind of perfect face that it’s kind of freaking me out. He’s really an excellent visual, with a look that could do both cute, sexy and manly and rock them all. The thing is though, Jin is a little too clean-cut perfect for me. It gets a little boring.

Score: 8

Second Candidate: Suga




I’m not sure what it really is about Suga, but I’ve never ever felt any sort of physical attraction towards him whatsoever. To me he often looks a lot like a sad puppy, and that’s just not what I go for.

Score: 6.5

Third Candidate: J-Hope




J-Hope has a very oblong face, which I often find makes him look a little strange. He is a very good-looking guy though, but I just don’t really go for him.

Score: 7

Fourth Candidate: Rap Monster

rap monster

rap monster2

rap monster3

I really do think that Rap Monster got a little screwed over at their debut. For one, he got the name ‘Rap Monster’. That’s just dumb. And also, the hair he had at debut wasn’t good, at all. And why did they make him wear shades all the time? It made it hard for me to really like him, because I didn’t really know what he looked like. But now he thankfully has hair that’s a lot better, and he’s lost the shades. What I see now is a very attractive guy, and it’s too bad that they hid that.

Score: 7.5

Fifth Candidate: Jimin




I feel like Jimin’s cheating. His face says cute, but by flashing those glorious abs every single time they performed their debut song he’s tricked us into thinking that he’s really the sexy one. But is he? Maybe he is. But he’s so cute! But look at those abs! Oh God.

Score: 7.5

Sixth Candidate: V




V’s a weird one. His face says cutie, but his voice says… I’m not even sure what his voice says. But it sure as hell isn’t cute. I find V to be weirdly attractive, and his super strange personality definitely adds to that.

Score: 7.5

Final Candidate: Jungkook




Jungkook is the golden maknae. He’s more than a triple threat, he’s a proper quadruple threat! Even though we’re basically the same age, he has always felt a wee bit young to me. That’s changing already though, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what he’ll turn into in the near future.

Score: 7.5


First Candidate: Jaejoong




I really feel like anyone who has to go up against Jaejoong is at a clear disadvantage. This is, to me, one of the absolute most good-looking guys on the face of this earth. And if anyone’s close to perfection, it’s probably him. It’s no coincidence that he’s one of kpop’s most notoriously gorgeous visuals.

Score: 9.5

Second Candidate: Yoochun




Yoochun used to be the member that I wasn’t very interested in, but ever since I watched him on ‘Rooftop Prince’ I’ve gotten very fond of him. While I don’t find him smashing, he’s the kind of guy that gets more and more attractive the more you see of him.

Score: 7.5

Final Candidate: Junsu




While I am a big supporter of Junsu as an artist, and think he’s an excellent singer and a great dancer, I’ve never been that physically attracted to him. He’s a handsome guy, but even in his sexy videos, he almost never gets my motor running.

Score: 7

Average Scores

GOT7: 7.29

BTS: 7.36

JYJ: 8.00

Yeah, this was quite a big win. JYJ, or well, Jaejoong, crushed both BTS and GOT7 and took the group win! It was quite close in the race for runner-up, but BTS took it.

Individual Winner

Representing GOT7:



(Mark was chosen over Jackson because he’s higher on my bias list)

Representing BTS:



Representing JYJ:



And the winner is…


I mean, come on. Mark is second, and Jin is third, all according to their original scores.

I feel like this takes me back to school when there was that one guy who was just crazy awesome at all sports, so whatever team had him always won. That’s what it was like with Jaejoong here. I’m not extremely attracted to the the other members of his group, but I LOVE Jaejoong’s look, and that plus the fact that it’s such a small group really made this quite an unfair game.

Well if you for some reason would like to disagree, here are the polls!


If you have any suggestions, comments or requests for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review or next Friday’s list of the week then leave a comment or email me at!

– Admin A


20 thoughts on “Attraction Levels of Kpop Groups – GOT7 vs BTS vs JYJ

  1. I totally agree about V. His face and voice do not match at all. His face is adorable! But then when he sings…I just can’t believe that a voice so deep can come out of a face so precious

  2. wow 9.5, that’s the highest score you’ve given right? lol
    I am insanely attracted to Jaejoong it’s not even funny, I feel so guilty sometimes because he’s not my bias, I don’t really listen to his songs that much, but whenever I watch him perform or in an interview, I am instantly hooked and he makes me weak in the knees. I can’t explain it lol.
    he’s definitely number 1, cant disagree!

    1. Yeah, that is the highest score I’ve ever given. And since I don’t think anyone’s perfect, it might be the highest score I’ll ever give.
      He is my bias, for sure, so I can accept the fact that I’m so in love with him. And it’s really no joke, I just can’t ignore him. One of the most gorgeous people out there, for sure!

  3. V’s face and voice for me a is nice package. cute face with a deep warming voice, i kinda like it.
    jungkook and j-hope, can’t choose. 갸아!

    1. I like it too, it’s just confusing.
      I’m loving them too right now!
      I don’t think it’s Jin anymore to be honest… But I can’t really decide who it should be instead.

      1. All of them are handsome! But I still think Jin is the visual because he can be cute and sexy at the same time while the others are sometimes cute, sometimes sexy

      2. I see what you’re saying, but to be honest, I’ve changed my mind since writing this. Now I think either Jungkook or Jimin is the most attractive. (Sorry, Jin!)

  4. Such a low voting for V!!!
    …is just so wrong. *haaah*

    I really recommend watching the fancam “Red Bullet in Taipei” of BTS dancing to “Tomorrow” with V focus.
    Ohhh god. V is literally…having sex with the audience while dancing.
    If you imagine this side of him with his voice…I guess you won’t have a problem anymore. 😉

    1. Well of course I’m voting based on my bias! I’ve made it clear that this is simply my opinion, and there’s nothing that says that Jin is objectively more handsome.

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