Review of B.A.P’s Album ‘Badman’

Seeing as how the Korean entertainment industry is at an understandable standstill due to the current situation, there isn’t really anything new out to review. So instead I’ll be reviewing B.A.P’s extended play ‘Badman’, which came out during the summer of last year.

Track 1 – Whut’s Poppin’

(Co-written and co-composed by Yongguk)


As an intro this is actually quite long, as it it’s very close to being two full minutes. It’s a standard B.A.P intro, it’s cocky and proclaims how they’re better than all the girly guys out there who do standard pop. I’m not really sure what to think about that, since I’m a fan of both B.A.P and those girly guys. I just like to take it lightly, and think they don’t really put themselves so much above the rest of the kpop industry. There’s no other way I can interpret this that would make sense.

Track 2 – Badman 

(Co-written by Yongguk)


I do very much appreciate what they were trying to do with this track, but I don’t think it led to what they wanted. This didn’t lead to debate or discussion, and that it a shame. The things that these lyrics, which I love by the way, touch on are very important subjects that need to be discussed. I’m just not sure if the kpop scene is the right platform to bring these issues to. A noble effort though.

I wasn’t very fond of this song when it first came out, and quickly named it my least favorite out of the three singles. I’ve come to like it a lot more since then, and it now sits steadily in the middle out of the singles.

I love the way everyone pulls off this song. Youngjae and Jongup both do their thing, but neither one of them blows me away. Yongguk and Zelo’s rapping is completely on point, and Yongguk’s especially really works for the song. Himchan’s creepy ass voice works gloriously, and I love him in this song. But Daehyun, oh Daehyun…. That first part alone is just amazing, and it’s my favorite part of the entire song. He kills it in the rest of the song as well, as he always does.

Track 3 – Excuse Me

(Co-written by Yongguk)


This is my least favorite track on the album, and the only one that I don’t currently have one my phone. It’s not that it’s really a bad track, it just does nothing for me. It’s a base of basic cockiness, in the exact form that I’ve heard before, and the track itself is actually quite boring. It’s not that I have anything against cocky kpop songs in general, I really quite enjoy them, but sometimes it gets a little bit too repetitive when the lyrics are basically the same as before.

Track 4 – Coffee Shop

(Co-written by Yongguk)


When this came out, starting off the three singles era, I wasn’t that excited. I thought it was a smooth and nice song, but it didn’t give me any of the things I wanted from B.A.P, and frankly, this type of songs isn’t really my style. It still isn’t really my style and since I’ve taken to ‘Badman’ this is now my least favorite out of the three singles.

Frankly put, this song bores me. It’s pretty and nicely sung for sure, but it just really doesn’t catch me. I’m sure it’s excellent for people who are more into this style of music, but that’s not me.

Daehyun and Youngjae both pull this off beautifully and I think both Himchan and Jongup did very well with the parts they were given. I don’t think Yongguk is really meant for this type of song though, his rapping seems out of place here. I love that we got to hear some singing from Zelo, and I really love his part. Plus both he and Daehyun look divinely hot in this video, just saying.

Track 5 – Bow Wow

(Co-written by Yongguk)


I know a lot of people have been complaining about this song, saying that it’s rude and disrespectful, but I couldn’t agree less. I’m someone who’s very not jealous, and I don’t have much patience for jealously in a relationship in general. I don’t see jealously as a sign of a healthy relationship at all, and I can definitely relate to this song. Even if you are dating someone, it’s not a big deal to look at someone else and appreciate that they’re attractive. That normally doesn’t mean anything, and as they say in this song: it’s just something they’ll forget in a second. If you’re truly happy in your relationship, then looking at other people means nothing. And that’s what they’re trying to say here, and I appreciate it.

Final Track – Hurricane 

(Co-written by Yongguk)


This is for sure my favorite out of the three singles off this album. I know that this is quite far from B.A.P’s classic style, but this time I really don’t care. This is an excellent party track, and it’s just the kind of song that makes me want to run off and party my ass off. Which, if you know me, really isn’t what I do.

I really love the way Youngjae sounds in this song, it really works well for him. But the one who truly killed this song is, of course, Daehyun. Man, he really sang his ass off here. This was also the video where he truly messed up my bias list. And I mean messed it up bad!

Final Thoughts

This really is a quite solid album. It isn’t perfect for sure, but it shows a great diversity. I also really appreciate that Yongguk took part in the writing of the lyrics for all the songs, it’s great when kpop stars contribute to their material. And nowadays it seems like it’s a requirement for all the leaders who are also rappers to take part in the production of their music. G-Dragon, what did you start?


I hope you enjoyed, and please leave me lots of nice comments telling me your opinions on this album!

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– Admin A


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