Review of BIGBANG’s Album ‘Alive’

There is nothing lazy about this choice. Okay, yes this is really me being lazy. But I’ve been having a tough time choosing stuff to review lately, and when the song/album that I really want to review doesn’t work out for some reason, it’s very hard for me to pick another one. I was going to do a review for M.I.B’s latest album, but I couldn’t find most of those songs with subtitles, so I gave up on that. So instead we’re doing a classic! To specify, this is the Korean extended play called ‘Alive’ released in 2012, not the Japanese studio album called ‘Alive’ that they released a month after. (Why not have different names? Would that make it too easy?)

Track 1 – Alive (Intro)

(Co-written by G-Dragon and T.O.P, and co-composed by G-Dragon)


This intro is less than a minute long so writing an extensive review of it just seems silly. It’s not complicated, it hints towards an electronic and maybe dancy album, and it announces that they’re here. That they’re still alive, in case we were doubting it.

Track 2 – Blue 

(Co-written by G-Dragon and T.O.P, and co-composed by G-Dragon)


Wow, it really does not feel like it’s been two full years since the trio of music videos that announced that BIGBANG was still alive came out… While this one is my least favorite out of the three (probably since it’s a little too slow for me) this is still a very nice track. It’s the kind of song I listen to when I’m too tired for songs like ‘Fantastic Baby’ etc.

This song is the one I go to if I ever doubt the fact that Daesung is my favorite singer in the group. That doesn’t happen much, but it has happened on several occasions, and this song always puts my mind to right. He blows me away in this song. And can we please bring back blonde Daesung? We all know we miss that. (And bring back T.O.P in tight leather pants as well when you’re at it, we all know we miss that too)

I’ve always found the plot in this video to be more than a slight bit confusing. I mean, I get that she’s a memory and all that and that’s why she’s in sepia, but why is she running after him? Isn’t he the one missing her? It doesn’t really matter much though, the video gets the feeling across and that’s what’s most important.

Track 3 – Love Dust 

(Co-written by G-Dragon and T.O.P, and co-composed by G-Dragon)


This is the only song on here that I don’t think I’ve heard more than maybe twice, and I don’t regret that choice. This is a cute song, but it tells me nothing whatsoever and it screams ‘filler’ to me. I’m in no way saying this is a bad song, but it’s very forgettable to me.

Track 4 – Bad Boy 

(Written by G-Dragon and T.O.P, and co-composed by G-Dragon)


I’m a very big fan of both this song and video, and this in general is a version of BIGBANG that I really happen to love. I love that it’s a smooth, yet “swag” song. I love Daesung blonde, a lot. I love G-Dragon’s flipped hair and fashion (I know I might be a minority, in this particular video). And my bias, the mighty T.O.P, is looking hella fine.

Both in lyrics, and video filming, this song and video is really quite simple. The lyrics is about them being bad boys and dating good girls, and them treating the girls badly but still wanting to be better and love them. And the video is a simple “one-shot” walking video. It’s all really very simple, but they do it well and they do it with style. And it all works.

Track 5 – Ain’t No Fun

(Written by G-Dragon and T.O.P, and co-composed by G-Dragon)


I know this song might seem very harsh, but this is finally  something I can truly relate to! Feeling you’re not getting anything out of a relationship, and like you’re not having fun anymore, is a legit reason for breaking up. Sure, you shouldn’t always give up too easily, but having fun together is probably the most important part of any relationship. So good for you BIGBANG, for daring to say the harsh truth.

Track 6 – Fantastic Baby

(Written by G-Dragon and T.O.P, and co-composed by G-Dragon)


This is it. The hit, the classic, the legend. This song and video really shows why BIGBANG is one of the absolute most popular kpop groups out there. And of course, this is definitely one of my favorite tracks from them. There is no way for me to sit still when I hear this song, and there is no way for me to ignore it when someone says ‘wow’. It just has to be followed by ‘fantastic baby’!

This song is really all about breaking free and letting lose, about partying your heart out. And while the music video is a teeny bit more dramatic with the rebellion and all, it’s really all about the same thing.

Wow, the styles that G-Dragon can pull off! That black and white lipstick he has when he lands on the car is amazing. (Is it supposed to be feathers? I think its feathers) I know for sure that I could never pull that off, and I don’t know who else could either. I definitely doubt it that there’s any other guy that can pull that look off as gorgeously as he does.

Final Track – Wings (Daesung Solo)

(Written by G-Dragon and Daesung, and co-composed by G-Dragon)


While I am a big fan of Daesung’s singing, and I do normally tend to favor a rockish sound, I’m just not in love with this song. It’s not a bad song, and I have no idea why I don’t really like it, but something is just off. It’s a shame really, and I’m hoping that when Daesung finally gets that Korean solo album that we all know that he deserves, I’ll love the lead track.

Final Thoughts

This album is a classic already, even though it’s only been little over two years since it’s release. Or maybe it isn’t a classic, and I’ve just exaggerated it in my mind? That would certainly not be the first time. This is a solid album, and even though I’m not in love with all of the tracks, I do see that as being because of my taste, not because they’re bad songs.


There you have it guys! My take on what I consider to be a modern classic among kpop albums. But let me know what your take on it is!

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5 thoughts on “Review of BIGBANG’s Album ‘Alive’

  1. Fantastic Baby is one of my favorite Big Bang songs EVER… best way to get into party mood with Gara Gara Go imo.
    Agree with everything you said about Bad Boy… that song is just flawless. This album made me feel bad for Seung Ri though. His voice pretty much shaped the sound of “Blue” for me, but all in all it is almost always the other members that are highlighted on this album and during Big Bang promotions in general as well. I don’t usually care if certain members are overshadowed in their group and I love GD as my bias and a producer but Seung Ri has been so damn consistent in his solo efforts since day one… I wish he’d get his time to shine within Big Bang promotions as well:/

    1. Yeah, it’s like the best party song ever!
      Yes, that is true… Seungri has always kind of been the underdog member of BIGBANG. (For quite logical reasons though, but oh well) He has improved a lot since debut though and considering how his solo efforts last year were well promoted, if I remember correctly, I think things might be looking up 🙂

  2. Always loved Big Bang’s music, group or solo, they produce nothing but gold. These guys are so musically talented. I agree that this album is a classic, every single track SCREAMED success. Fantastic Baby is a great song to work out to, Blue and Bad Boy are nice for chill days, I like Wings, Daesang’s voice is to die for, one of my favorite voices in Kpop, and how handsome is he in that video??? lol

    1. I don’t think everything they do is gold, but they do produce a lot of really good stuff!
      Haha that’s what I’m saying! Please bring back blonde Daesung…

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