Kpop Songs to Represent Kpop Groups – SHINee, BIGBANG, 2NE1, Block B & Girls’ Generation

This is the start of a little mini series here at list of the week, kpop songs to represent kpop groups! I’ll be picking two songs per group and do five groups per post. This will be at least 6 posts long, so I hope you find it interesting! I feel like all the lists of the weeks, except for the first one, have been just about the groups and very little about the songs, so now we’re bringing it back to the music! I’ll try to limit this to only songs with music videos, and here we go!


1. Ring Ding Dong


This was the first SHINee song I ever heard, so of course it has to be on this list! I like this song more for overall catchiness and memories than I do for actual song quality, that’s for sure… I love the dance though, as I do almost all of SHINee’s dances.

I didn’t like the overuse of auto tune when I first heard this song, and I don’t like it now. Can you imagine that I actually thought that Onew couldn’t sing because of the overuse of auto tune in this song? I definitely prefer this live, where you can actually hear their real voices!

2. Replay


Okay this might have been a little bit of a copout because I couldn’t choose the second song… But this is definitely a worthy one for this list! This is still one of the best kpop debut songs I’ve ever heard and it’s one of the most special songs to all shawols. Even to us who weren’t there when it was released. This is also the song that I start singing every single time any kpop guy does anything with an older kpop girl. Every time. Or, at least if she’s pretty.


1. Fantastic Baby


This was another easy choice for me. This song is definitely a favorite for me out of BIGBANG’s songs, as I think it is for many of us. It’s lots of fun, extremely catchy and it’s a staple at any kpop themed party.

I can’t remember what BIGBANG song was the first one I heard, I just know that I knew GD and T.O.P before I knew the group, and that I jumped on the BIGBANG wagon very late, but I think this was at least one of the first ones I heard. It’s a kpop classic already, that’s for sure.

2. Number 1 


I feel like this one might be a slightly controversial choice, because it’s not a very famous song, and it’s not even technically kpop. This song is completely in English and it was released in Japan. But I love it, and it’s my list, so I’ll just go ahead and include it anyway!

I like it when kpop stars release English songs, or English versions of their songs, simply because it makes it so much easier for me to sing along! This song is great fun and one of those songs that I just have to sing along to.


1. I Am the Best


I’m sure this comes as no surprise to no one. This is definitely one of 2NE1’s most popular songs ever and as I’ve already expressed how much I adore their cocky and over the top style, so it’s a given that this is one of my favorite songs from them, and therefore on this list.

This was the 2NE1 I was missing all throughout 2012 and 2013, and I’m so glad I’ve now finally gotten some of that back.

2. Ugly


I love this song. A lot of the time this is how I feel, and I think a lot of other girls feel this too. And just like the lyrics express, it doesn’t really matter if you think we’re pretty, we still won’t feel it. It has to come from within and many of us struggle with that. And yes, it’s sad and almost slightly stupid, but who said the human mind was logical? Also, no matter how much I love 2NE1’s badass style, I also love it when they do these deeper songs, as long as the songs are still good.

Block B

1. Nalina


This was the first Block B song I ever heard, and it’s still a favorite. It’s one of those songs that we (me and my kpop obsessed friend) quote pretty much daily. I love Block B altogether and this song, dance and video embodies them perfectly, except for one tiny detail… They’re not being huge dorks here! I love it when Block B infuses some of their super fun and crazy personalities into their music and videos, but it’s not always necessary.

2. Nillili Mambo


If ‘Nalina’ was the first Block B song I heard, ‘Nillili Mambo’ was a close second. I think I listened to the both of them with like a few minutes pause in between. This is one of my absolute favorite tracks from Block B, and if ‘Nalina’ embodies every part of them except one, ‘Nillili Mambo’ hits that part too. I mean, Kyung chases a chicken and they somehow lose the huge diamond! These guys are dorks, no matter if they’re pirates (or something) or not, and I love them for that. This is a great song and I don’t know how many times I’ve imitated Zico’s English rap part in the beginning. Millions probably.

Girls’ Generation

1. Gee


This one had to be included, for sure. This was the first Girls’ Generation song I ever heard and probably about the third kpop video I ever watched. It was also the song that really made these girls popular, and seeing as how they’re now kpop royalty, it’s nice to go back and watch this.

Back then Girls’ Generation were most definitely too aegyo for my current taste and if a girl group came out with this now, I’d probably laugh at it and move on. But I first watched this when I was just dipping my toes into the big kpop sea and aegyo really didn’t bother me. For god’s sake, I was like twelve! And a soon-to-be shipper! A shipper! Wow, I’ve really changed. So even though I wouldn’t like this song now, this represents memories of a young me just discovering kpop, and I love it for that.

2. Run Devil Run


This song on the other hand, I love just the way it is. This is to this day my definite favorite out of all the promotional singles Girls’ Generation have released and the closer they move to this in the future, the happier I’ll be. This was classy, gorgeous and bad-ass in a lady type way. Girls’ Generation could never do what girl groups like 2NE1 or SISTAR do, and I’d never want them too. This is the type of bad-ass/sexy they should go for, for they do it very well.


There we go guys! I hope you’ll enjoy this series to come, and that you’ll let me know what songs you would have chosen to represent these groups in the comments below!

If you have any opinions, suggestions or requests for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review or next Friday’s list of the week then leave a comment or email me at!

– Admin A


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