Review of 2NE1’s album ‘Crush’

I’m sure some of you figured out that this would be the second post… If I review Girls’ Generation’s new album, I of course have to review 2NE1’s as well! This is the first studio album 2NE1 has released in Korea since ‘To Anyone’ in 2010, and as a Blackjack I was really excited for this release. So let’s get on with this review!

Track 1 – Crush


I love this song! I’ve been waiting for another super cocky song from 2NE1 since ‘I Am the Best’ and now I finally got it! I love the super catchy English parts and I’m very grateful to 2NE1 for finally teaching me the Korean word for ‘bitch’. Now I finally know how to warn people when I go to Korea! But all jokes aside, this is a super fun song. It shows what a great album we’re in for and brings back a part of 2NE1 that I think many of us have missed.

There’s only one thing… Who let CL know that we all have a crush on her?! That was supposed to be a secret, god damn it girls.

Track 2 – Come Back Home


Wow. When I first saw this music video I was like “What is this awesome movie, and where can I watch it?!”, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. This is one of the best kpop music videos I’ve seen in a long time. It has a very interesting plot, it’s gorgeously shot and it works very well with the song. It’s obviously very high budget, and I think they used that absolutely perfectly. Awesome video.

This song is growing on me more and more every time I listen to it. It was really good the first time I heard it, but now it’s insanely awesome. It’s very hauntingly sad and beautiful while still being upbeat and fun (..?). At first I thought the super electronic futuristic bridge was very random, but seeing how awesomely it worked in the music video, I really appreciate them having it there. Everyone’s voices sound great, and I’m really loving this song.

I would have liked to write a review just for this video, to be honest. But you never know, I still might.

I of course have to comment on how everybody looks as well: While I love CL in black hair like she had in the video for ‘Missing You’, this blonde hair also looks cool on her. I’m loving Minzy in red, especially when it’s long. Bom looks good in her black hair, even though I’ll always think of her natural hair color as being the red she had for ‘I Am the Best’. I even love Dara’s half-and-half hair, it’s very cool. And blue hair is always awesome.

Track 3 – Gotta Be You


This is a good and solid track. Bom’s voice sounds awesome in the chorus and everyone holds their weight really well. If I remember correctly this is the other song from the album that’s getting a video, right? Well, let me know if I’m wrong. I can’t say that I really agree with that decision to be honest… While this is a very fun and upbeat party song, I don’t find it that memorable. But I’m still hoping for a super awesome video!

Track 4 – If I Were You


You definitely don’t need the lyrics to get what this song is about. The whole song breathes sadness and a slight frustration, just like what the lyrics express.

This song is slightly too close to being a legit ballad for my personal taste, but it’s still a very pretty song. As I’ve said several times, I’m very picky with my ballads, and I’m especially not a fan of sad ballads. So the fact that I at least sort of enjoy this song is a big step. It is pretty, it’s just a little slow, so it slightly bores me.

Track 5 – Good to You


This song could have been to much of a sad ballad for me, if it wasn’t for the chorus. I love this chorus so so much! I love the eeriness of Dara’s voice and then the following English lines. That part is very catchy and I really like it a lot.

I also really enjoy the story expressed in the lyrics, even though it is quite classic: Good girl likes bad boy but he ends up screwing her over and she ends up sad. I’m not sure why I’m so fond of it, but I really like these lyrics, and this song.

Track 6 – MTBD / Mental Breakdown (CL Solo) 



I feel like this is the solo song the baddest female deserved to have instead of ‘The Baddest Female’, because even though I like that song it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. CL is my favorite female in all of kpop and when she went solo I wanted her to have the most awesome song of all time. And while this isn’t the most awesome song ever, I think it’s a lot better than ‘The Baddest Female’.

I love the little inclusions of phrases we all know in this song. While kpop as a whole seems to have become obsessed with ‘Hakuna matata’, I still appreciate when kpop artists include it, because who doesn’t love that movie?

It was also great that she included another classic disney quote: “Bippety Boppety Boo”. That was fun, and I haven’t heard it in a song before. Except the original of course.

I also appreciated the inclusion of the phrase “What you gonna do when they come for you”, because I think we can all recognize that one. And it’s definitely not a coincidence, because she sings it in the exact same way. Good one.

Track 7 – Happy


I find this song really interesting… If you ignore the English parts and you don’t know Korean then this song sounds quite happy. Which it’s not. I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard a kpop song about leaving someone for the other person’s sake, to make them happy. I think it’s very interesting and pretty much the entire song can be summed up by that one line in the chorus: “Without you, I’m not happy, but I hope you’re happy”. I really like the idea of breaking up with someone to make them happy, even though it hurts you. It feels like a fresh concept.

I find it really confusing when a group comes back with duo videos because I never know which hairstyles I should be excited about… I this video Minzy has blue hair instead of red. I prefer the red but the blue is cool too, so I’m fine either way. CL’s hair is the same in both videos and super blonde. Thanks for not confusing me babe! Dara’s blue half-and-half hair in the video for ‘Come Back Home’ is super funky but I’ve never seen her as beautiful as she does in the scenes with the dark hair in this video. But those blue curls on her forehead? Not even Dara can pull that off. And then we have Bom… While I have nothing against the long black hair from the other video, this is how her hair should look! That cut is perfect for her and I stand firm in my belief that that shade of red is her real hair color, it looks gorgeous.

I love the fashion in this video, both the crazy outfits and the super hot black and leather outfits. If I was a bit cooler and actually capable of pulling off things like that, I’d want all those outfits. I also really love the super happy and colorful world this video takes place in, it’s very cute. And because the world is so bright, the words that pop up fit right in. It was well edited.

Track 8 – Scream (Korean Version)


I didn’t like this song when I first heard it in it’s original Japanese version, but now I love it for some reason! It has some great 2NE1 cockiness and it’s a fun party song. It’s very catchy and I promise you that you’ll be singing this all the time. There’s not really much to say, it’s just a very fun and upbeat song that does it’s job very well.

And CL… Girls just wanna have fun? I see what you did there.

Track 9 – Baby I Miss You


This is a very smooth and calming song about being in love and I like it. It’s not so much a standout song but it really grows on you. I don’t have much to say about this one either, except that I really liked Dara’s voice in this song. She normally doesn’t get that many lines, but she can sound really good in the right type of song.

Track 10 – Come Back Home (Unplugged Version)


This is an acoustic version of the promotional single, without the electronic bridge, of course. It’s very nice and really showcases the girls’ voices. I like it a lot and this is definitely the version I would choose to listen to if I’m tired and can’t really take the super electronic sound of the main version. I think I prefer the original version, but this is a very nice contrast.

Final Thoughts

I’m so very pleased with this. While I’m not madly in love with every single song, I definitely do like all of them. I know that a lot of us has felt like YG has been neglecting 2NE1, both in the video and music quality departments, but now they’ve truly stepped it up and I’m so pleased with it all. My girls never let me down, and now they were finally backed properly by their company, and they blew me away. I also really appreciate that CL was so much a part of the production of this album and I really like the lyrics and song compositions she worked on. Good job girl! You did all your bad girls proud.


I decided that the last post I was going to write was unnecessary so I hope you’re happy with these two posts for today! Both of my two favorite girl groups really delivered good and solid albums this time around and I’m incredibly pleased. Let me know how you feel in the comments!

If you have any opinions, comments or requests for Friday’s list of the week, Sunday’s random post or next Tuesday’s review then let me know in the comments or email me at!

– Admin A


5 thoughts on “Review of 2NE1’s album ‘Crush’

  1. Happy is, hands down, my favorite. H-A-P-P-Y!!

    this album is like a slap in the face of those people who said 2NE1 is on a decline. when those people said the group can no longer deliever, YG went ahead and delivered this goodness. the songs represent what 2NE1 is about: the swag, the fierceness (even the autotune) but also a group that does reggae, acoustic and whatever right. Bom’s wonderful voice has returned (it was getting shrilly for last year), Dara’s voice improved (she more lines now!!), Minzy’s voice is still solid and CL has tamed down the semi-scream rapping.

    all the songs are good but on the other hand, it made me think it is such a waste of a good song. i mean, some of these songs are so good they can stand being a single. a strong single that will receive more attention that being in an album. IMO, the songs in this album are easily superior to last year’s releases. they were weak singles. why did YG hide these songs?

    oh well, all i can do is speculate but the fact is and will remain, THIS ALBUM ROCKS!!

    1. Haha that wasn’t my personal favourite track, but it was a really cute one!

      Yes, I fully agree with you! This album was super awesome and all the girls did really well. Last year’s releases were very underwhelming and even though I ended up becoming very fond of ‘Do You Love Me’, it still was nowhere near as good as most of these songs. But now my Blackjack heart is satisfied and at peace, and I’m so H A P P Y!

  2. I’ve been wondering why people said 2NE1 is currently having a breakdown and their songs aren’t as good as in their previous albums or singels. Crush is my most favorite album, and this album turned me into BJ officially. The up beat songs like Crush and Gotta Be You, to slow sad ballads like If I Were You, all the songs are amazing to my own liking. Good To You is my most favorite song in this album.

    I dunno, maybe I have weird taste in music? Coz I found Missing You as one of their masterpiece (other than Lonely ofc), and the MV is so amazing (plus dark haired CL (gawd!)). But people kept on commenting that the song is messed up and etc etc. What d’ya think?

    1. While I didn’t love every single song off this album, I am very pleased with it. Several of the songs are amazing.

      And while Missing You is a bit too slow for my taste, I for sure do not think it’s messed up! It’s a beautiful ballad.

      So I’m completely on your side. I don’t understand what people are talking about either.

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