Review of Girls’ Generation’s album ‘Mr.Mr.’

Seeing as how I have the day off and not a whole lot to do, I will be posting at least two, maybe three, posts today! For some reason, I just really feel like blogging! This first post will be about the latest extended play from the nation’s girl group Girls’ Generation, which is called Mr.Mr!

Track 1 – Mr.Mr.


This is obviously the title song, and in case you’ve somehow missed it, their new promotional single. I honestly can’t decide what I think about this… I think they went a bit (way) over the top with the rough-sounding computer sounds, and I’m not loving it. It’s a big shame because if you eliminate those sounds, I would really love this song. I love the way the girls sing it, and the chorus is super catchy.

I didn’t really feel like writing a single review of over a thousand words for just this song and video, since I’m not a huge fan of the song and the video isn’t really that much to talk about, which is why I’m doing the whole album instead. I am very happy with the fact that Girls’ Generation completely shed the cute image this time, and I’ll pray to all the kpop gods that it’ll stay this way.

About the video… I feel like there was a plot in there somewhere, but that it was lost in editing. I’m used to kpop videos not having a plot though, so I’m fine with that. And the fact that the girls all look more gorgeous than ever before, covers for the lack of plot quite well. I’ve never really understood why some people are so in love with Sunny’s look, but in this video I get it.

LOVE the dancing. I feel like Girls’ Generation really stepped it up in the dance department when they released ‘I Got a Boy’ and this time they stepped it up even more. I loved loved loved the dance break and I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest of the choreography when they do this live.

Track 2 – Goodbye


I’m in love with this song! While I think ‘Mr.Mr.’ was way too rough on the ears, this song is super smooth! It’s catchy, it’s pretty and the girls’ voices blend together beautifully.

Lyrics-wise it’s not super original, but I like the feeling of a happy closure. Not every breakup gets you all depressed. Sometimes you’re just happy that it’s over and glad to move on, and that’s the feeling of this song. As someone who has yet to experience a breakup that was significantly hard, I can relate to this song way more than all the depressed songs about breakups.

Once again, I really love this song. It’s truly great.

Track 3 – Europa


I’ve just got to say one things first… When I read the track list I was sure that this song was about Europe, since Europe is called Europa in my native language. And while it would have been cool if SM had thrown some random Swedish in there (since we write so many of their songs), this isn’t about Europe, it’s about the moon of Saturn called Europa! Oh. I knew that.

While this is certainly a very cute and at least slightly catchy song, I don’t find it memorable. There’s nothing especially bad about this song, but it certainly doesn’t stand out, and that’s too bad.

The lyrics for this song are really creative, it’s a very interesting take on the one-sided love we’re all so familiar with. Given that the girls are singing from the perspective of the moon Europa (who’s crushing on Saturn, I guess), lines like “I revolve around you every day, a Europa that only looks at you”, “In the black darkness, I only see you”, “I am endlessly revolving but even with all my strength, I know I can’t get any closer” and “The stars are cold and I’m alone, you are at the same distance as always” are really fun and quirky. I like that touch a lot, and it makes this song a lot more interesting.

Track 4 – Wait a Minute


I’m really liking this song as well. It’s about them being “chic” women who are now crushing on a guy, but they don’t want to put themselves out there and ruin their chic image so they’re telling him to confess first. I think it’s a very funny theme, and I can definitely see myself in these lyrics. I know I’ve thought something similar to this at least once or twice.

I especially love the line where they sing “I’ll pretend to have no choice but to accept you, so be a man and tell me”. That line is hilarious, to me. Especially that they have to pretend to have no choice, when it’s obvious that they want nothing more.

This is a cute song, and the lyrics give it a kind of funny sass, I like it a lot.

Track 5 – Back Hug


This is this album’s standard ballad, and it’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve mentioned before that I’m very picky when it comes to ballads, and it takes a lot for ballads to be songs that I actually want to listen to often. But this song could definitely be one. It’s delicate and sweet and the girls harmonize and sing together in an absolutely stunning way.

I feel like most kpop ballads are sad, and in most situations that’s not really something I can relate to. And in the situations when I can’t relate I also don’t want to make myself sad by thinking too much about the sad things they’re singing about. Thankfully, this isn’t a sad ballad. This is a beautiful romantic ballad, and that’s much better to me. Because even though I sadly can’t relate to it that often, these are things I want to think about. I want to imagine myself having the kind of relationship that these lyrics describe, I really do.

This has to be mentioned: “Then if I get tired, I can fall asleep under you, always” I can’t have been the only one that interpreted this as, well, something else than what it’s supposed to mean? It made me chuckle and I think that the rest of the descriptions and metaphors used in this song where all very pretty and symbolic, so I appreciate one little innuendo.

Track 6 – Soul (Korean Version)


This is the Korean version of Girls’ Generation’s first ever Chinese song, which I haven’t heard. For some reason I don’t want to listen to the original version, even though I really like this.

This is very good ‘go and get it’-song and a song about figuring out what you want and going for it. As someone who soon has to make a lot of decisions about her future, this song feels really motivating. Excuse me while I go find my soul now.

Final Thoughts

This is a very good album, my girls didn’t let me down whatsoever. I’m still not that fond of the promotional single and when I first heard it I was worried that the rest of the album would be in the same style, and that I wouldn’t like it. But it’s not like that at all. The rest of the album embraces much more of Girls’ Generation’s original sound than the title song does, but is still much more adult (and better) than most of their older stuff. I’m so happy that these girls are finally allowed to make music that legitimately fits their ages. If they keep moving in this direction I soon won’t have any problem whatsoever admitting that I’m a SONE.


This is the start to what will be a fairly intense blogging day for me and I hope you enjoyed this post and that you’ll enjoy the one or two posts to come.

If you have any suggestions, comments or requests for Friday’s list of the week, Sunday’s random post or next Tuesday’s review then leave me a comment or email me at!

– Admin A


5 thoughts on “Review of Girls’ Generation’s album ‘Mr.Mr.’

  1. I’m with you on the title track, not a fan of it either. I usually never liked their title tracks right away but they always grow on me, just like Hoot and I got a boy, I HATED those two songs at first but now i’m addicted.
    So it might shift to that category with Mr Mr later on.
    I did enjoy the album overall, the girls improved their singing, even Hyoyeon who tend to get off key at times, but she’s gotten so much better.
    Back hug is beautiful but i was hoping they could do another ballad like “time machine”, getting to the more mature sound since GG are women now, and i was hoping they could grow more with their music.
    I loved the Mandarin version of Soul, the girls had perfect pronunciation which i was impressed, in fact, that’s the only version i listen to lol.

    1. I think that might be how it works for most of us when it comes to Girls’ Generation… And I’ve already started to notice ‘Mr.Mr.’ getting stuck in my head… So we’ll see, I might still switch sides.
      Haha well I have no capacity whatsoever to judge their pronunciation unless it’s in English, but if they did well then that’s awesome! I really liked this Korean version, so I’ll think I’ll just stick to this one.
      I like both ‘Time Machine’ and ‘Back Hug’, though I slightly prefer the latter. I’m very happy with how they left the aegyo completely at home for this album, it made me really happy!
      And yes, all the singing sounded really great, better than before! And I was impressed with Hyoyeon’s improvement, I didn’t even think it was her at first!

  2. i love the dance break in Mr. Mr. and also cause they placed Hyo front and center. it’s always gret to see her doing what she very god at.

    i am more of a “singles” fan when it comes to SNSD. i never really listened to any of their full length album but i have every released title song & singles on my playlist (and they are some of the most played too).

    Run Devil Run will always be my ultimate favorite. it was classy, it was fierce without being too much and i love the black outfits they had.

    1. Yes, that was definitely my favorite part. I’ve always felt like it’s very ridiculous when they don’t place her front and centre in the dances, so I’m happy then finally got it.

      Even though though Girls’ Generation is my second favorite girl group, that’s pretty much what I’ve done too. This is the first time I’ve really told myself to sit down and listen to the whole album. I’m very happy with it though so this won’t be the last time. There are some great tracks on their other albums as well that you miss if you only listen to the singles. I especially love their song ‘The Great Escape’, it’s certainly worth a listen.

      Yes, ‘Run Devil Run’ is definitely my favorite single from them as well, it was most certainly awesome.

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