Ranking of my Favorite Music Sounds Among Kpop Boy Groups, Part 1

Happy Valentine’s day everybody! I, of course, don’t have a date so instead I have plenty of time to bring you another list of the week! This is the first part of the way I would rank my top 21 boy groups, solely based on their music. If I can easily name all the members in the group then the group must be ranked, that’s the rule.

21. 2AM


Number of songs on phone: 2

I have nothing against 2AM’s music in general, I’m just not that into ballads… Their ballads are really pretty, don’t get me wrong, but they quickly bore me. So therefore this ballad group lands at the bottom.

20. B2ST


Number of songs on phone: 10

I definitely don’t have anything against B2ST’s music, but they’ve never had a song that I’ve really loved. All the other groups above have all had at least one song that I just couldn’t stop replaying. B2ST has never had that, and that makes them quite forgettable to me.

19. DB5K


Number of songs on phone: 23

I’m, of course, only including songs they did as five, since I’m ranking them that way. They had many songs that are now classics, but I never truly fell in love with them because of their music. My favorite track from them is ‘Get Me Some’, which I’ve replayed probably a million times.

18. B1A4


Number of songs on phone: 5

B1A4’s songs used to be in that grey area where you can’t decide if it’s a terrible or great song, because it’s so fun and catchy. The perfect example of that would be ‘Beautiful Target’ which is one of my favorite songs from them. But the very best of their songs is the one that took them out of that area and really proved that their style could be super cool and quirky: ‘What’s Happening?’. Still the best song they’ve ever made in my opinion.

17. VIXX


Number of songs on phone: 6

VIXX are definitely rising on this list but since their deep and dark style is still fairly new, I won’t let them rise just yet. I see lots of potential here though, and I’m becoming more and more of a VIXX fan everyday. My favorite song is still ‘Hyde’, which is the song that made me notice them. But I also really love ‘Light Up The Darkness’.

16. 2PM


Number of songs on phone: 9

2PM’s style in music is exactly like their overall image, mature and very sexy. And in theory, that sounds absolutely perfect to me. But I don’t think some of their songs have been as memorable as they could have been. My favorite tracks that I’ve played into oblivion are ‘A.D.T.O.Y’ and ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’.

15. LC9


Number of songs on phone: 6 (All they ever made)

While my infatuation with LC9 has settled down quite a bit, I was madly in love with them for a good amount of time during last year. And while it wasn’t just because of their music, I do see potential. ‘Mama Beat’ was in no way prefect, but it was funky and different in a good way. My favorite track from them is hands down the all-English track ‘Hold On’. I also adore their cover of ‘Just A Dream’, it was perfection.

14. BTS


Number of songs on my phone: 5

While I haven’t listened through their new album yet, I’m right now very pleased with how this group have been consistent with their sound ever since their debut last year. Their songs are almost all songs I’ve been replaying like crazy, and I love it! I just really like the overly confident boy groups, I guess… Favorite track would be (at least right now) ‘We Are Bulletproof PT.2’.

13. NU’EST


Number of songs on phone: 8

NU’EST were my babies for 2012. I loved B.A.P from the start but they did so well anyway, that they didn’t really need me. And I didn’t start liking EXO for real until ‘Wolf’. But NU’EST were something else. I loved them to death from the start and they didn’t do as well as the other two. Sure, they did fairly well, but they’re nowhere near the level of the two giants from 2012. And I still like NU’EST. They’ve yet to put out a title track that’s disappointed me (though I’m not crazy about ‘Hello’) and I think it’s a shame that they’ve yet to reach real success. I really hope their next single is killer. My favorite track from them right now is ‘Sleep Talking’.

12. Super Junior

super junior

Number of songs on phone: 22 (counting unit songs)

All songs Super Junior makes lands in that grey area that I talked about for B1A4, they’re not really that good but they’re fun and catchy enough to almost make you believe that they’re great. Favorite tracks would be: ‘Bonamana’, ‘Superman’, ‘Victory Korea’, ‘Rockstar’ and the K.R.Y track ‘One Love’. (And random information: According to the quiz on allkpop Heechul is my valentine…)

11. U-KISS


Number of songs on phone: 11 counting one uBEAT song

U-KISS is one of the most underrated groups in kpop and the fact that they still haven’t won on a music show is close to a disgrace. Their songs are very consistent in sound and they’re all lots of fun. Plus they’re such awesome guys! It’s not relevant to this list, but I had to mention it, because I feel bad for them. Their music is solid and it’s insane how under-appreciated they are in Korea. My favorite songs from them are ‘Neverland’, ‘Stop Girl’ and ‘Tick Tock’.

That’s the end of the first part of my ranking of my favorite music sounds among kpop boy groups! The top ten will be up next week. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

If you have any comments or suggestions for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review or next Friday’s list of the week, then leave me a comment or email me at topofthekpops@gmail.com!

– Admin A


5 thoughts on “Ranking of my Favorite Music Sounds Among Kpop Boy Groups, Part 1

  1. My favorite SJ track includes the classics Marry U, Miracle, and So I, along with No Other, Y, Sexy Free and Single, From U, Feels Good, Shake it Up, Club No 1 (after watching Super Show 5 lol)
    Favorite KRY track Promise You, What If, Sorry Sorry Answer.
    Do you listen to other SJ sub-units? like Eunhae and SJM.

    I like uBeat too! Eli and AJ are a lot of fun, adding the cutie Kevin, too awesome haha.

    VIXX’s music aren’t my taste but I like On and On, and G.R.8.U
    saw N at KBS one time, shook hands with him, such a sweetheart.

    have a good weekend!

    1. I don’t listen that much to any of the suju sub-units but I do have at least one song from each. Eunhae latest music video was awesome! So insanely crazy and fabulous at the same time.

      Yeah, I love those three to death, they’re so funny!

      What, really? Well now I’m jealous…

      You too! Thanks for commenting so much! 😀

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