Review of SHINee’s Album ‘Lucifer’

I really wanted to write a review for BTS’s ‘Boy In Luv’ but that one is so new that I haven’t been able to find a video with English subtitles yet, which is understandable since it’s only been an hour since it was released… So instead I’m going to review SHINee’s album ‘Lucifer’ which was released in July 2010. 

Track 1 – Up & Down


This first track is a fun and upbeat introduction to the electronic style SHINee was becoming obsessed with at the time. It’s a fairly one-dimensional track, but it’s fun nonetheless. The lyrics are very straightforward and literally complaining about a girl who’s constantly ‘up and down’. I can’t help thinking of Katy Perry’s ‘Hot & Cold’ when I hear this. Don’t deny that you do that too!

Track 2 – Lucifer


This is it, the promotional single, the one that everybody knows. This is the first SHINee song I can remember when it came out, and it was a big hit for SHINee. This song took them even further into the dance-electronic style of music they had become known for and in that sense, it was perfect. It’s not my favorite out of SHINee’s promotional singles, but it is a special one. This is one of my absolute favorite dances in all of kpop, and the styling is glorious. Key and Taemin have never had better hairstyles than they did in this video, and Jonghyun’s was great as well. The song isn’t great, but it’s good enough and it’s a classic.

Track 3 – Electric Heart


This is one of my favorite songs from SHINee, ever. It’s very sexy and smooth, but still kind of electronic. It’s not a show-off-y song, it’s just great in it’s simplicity. I love how the members sing together in pairs. The duo of Jonghyun and Minho especially blows me away, it’s just so smooth! All in all, a great song.

Track 4 – A-Yo


This is yet another favorite. This is the song every shawol turns to when things are tough, it’s the song we lean on and the song that makes us feel like it’s all going to be okay. And yes, that might sound very stupid and cheesy, but for many of us, it truly is that way. There are few things in life that I found as soothing as Jonghyun singing to me that it’ll all be okay.

Track 5 – Obsession


The song that Jonghyun wrote the lyrics to. This isn’t my favorite among SHINee’s many great ballads, but it’s great nonetheless. I’ve always been impressed with how they matched the music with the lyrics, because they both have that same feel of obsession, sadness and an almost mad feel. I’m also impressed with how Jonghyun handled his parts in this song, because his voice truly sounds desperate. Really well crafted, and a hauntingly beautiful song.

Track 6 – Quasimodo


This is, in my opinion, one of the absolute prettiest ballads SHINee has ever made. It has beautiful harmonies, it’s super sad and the connection to ‘The Hunchback in Notre Dame’ makes it even more interesting. Onew absolutely kills it in this one, his voice is perfect for this song. Everyone else sounds great as well, and I LOVE the one line that Minho got to sing, I’m so glad he’s getting the opportunity to sing more nowadays…

Track 7 – Shout Out


Going from ‘Quasimodo’ straight into this song doesn’t make much sense, but let’s ignore that. The members contributed to the writing of these lyrics, and that makes them the more interesting. This song is a representation of how not just SHINee, but lots of kpop groups, must feel. They struggle to debut, then they struggle to become one of the big groups and I’m sure none of them are willing to back down after they get there.

I also have to comment on a couple of other things… 16-year-old Taemin trying to sound all badass is adorable. And those moaning noises?! Onew?! I’m not complaining, but the hell?!

Track 8 – Wowowow


This is slightly like ‘A-Yo’ in that it’s a very sweet and happy song that just makes you feel good about yourself, and about life. It’s not superb, but seeing them nail it live makes this song absolutely amazing to me. And a certain someone calling me his sweet love? I’ll take that any day.

Track 9 – Your Name


As everyone knows, this is the song that Onew wrote the lyrics to, and while I don’t find these lyrics as touching as the ones Jonghyun wrote for ‘Obsession’, this is still a very sweet, pretty and happy ballad. The voices sound great, but it’s not one of the most memorable songs to me.

Track 10 – Life


For some reason, this is the only one song off of this album that I don’t have on my phone. Strange really, because this is a very beautiful ballad. Jonghyun and Onew absolutely knock it out of the park, it’s incredible how much they kill it. The lyrics about that one person that’s the most important in their life isn’t super original, but it’s nice anyway. Wow, these harmonies! Damn.

Track 11 – Ready or Not


This is my number one get pumped song. If I’m feeling nervous and need to feel like I can do anything, this is the first song I listen to, followed by 2NE1’s ‘I Am The Best’, of course. I love everyone’s voices in this song but I especially like the back-and-forth rap-singing that Minho and Key do, it’s a lot of fun. And – YES I’M READY! Sorry, had to.

Track 12 – Love Pain


This isn’t the most memorable or catchy song, but it’s so soothing and pleasant to listen to. This is the kind of song I want to listen to when I’m riding in the backseat of a car at night while looking out the window. That does not mean that I don’t want to listen to it at other times, but that’s truly the absolute best situation for this song. A little melancholic and sad, but not too heavy.

Track 13 – Love Still Goes On


And for the last song we’re back with the upbeat and electronic sound from the beginning! This is a cute and fun song that’s easy to listen to. I especially love Minho and Key’s rap parts, and I especially especially love that one line from The Almighty: ‘Key’s gonna open’. Good one, SM.



I know that it might seem a little strange to review an album that’s 3,5 years old, but this album is one of my favorites and there wasn’t really anything new that I felt like reviewing this week. Except for the new song from BTS, but if there isn’t something completely awesome out by next week, I’ll probably review ‘Boy in Luv’ then.

As I said, this is one my favorite albums and it’s from my favorite group of all time, so it goes without saying that this is a pretty special album to me. I agree with what everyone else has already said about it, it is very non-cohesive. But I actually don’t mind that, I can appreciate it when a whole album follows the same theme (Like SHINee’s Misconceptions-series from last year) but showing range is absolutely fine too.

I know that my comments on each song weren’t that extensive, and I definitely could have written more but this post is over 1300 words as it is, and well… I really need to go cook dinner and do homework.

I hope that you guys appreciated this review even though it wasn’t that long and not of something new, and if you did then please let me know in the comments! You could also let me know if you didn’t like it, but I won’t be as happy…

If you have any comments or suggestions for Friday’s list of the week, Sunday’s random post or next Tuesday’s review, then let me know in the comments or send me an email at!

– Admin A


5 thoughts on “Review of SHINee’s Album ‘Lucifer’

  1. I still think Lucifer is their best track yet, kickass choreography and a solid song from start to finish. SHINee matured so much with this album, and Lucifer will always remain my favorite performance of all time.
    Obsession is one of my favorite tracks on the album, Jjong always exhumes a lot of emotions through his lyrics, you can hear the regret and the pain in his voice, it’s heartbreaking.
    Taemin is my bias in the group, he’s so manly and cute at the same time.
    Your Name always make me cry, especially when it played at the last episode of Hello Baby.
    SHINee is my other favorite group aside from Super Junior, from little boys to grown men, it’s so hard to believe they’re all grown up now. “tears”

    just a side note: Saw Minho at SM one time, he’s actually shorter in person LOL

    1. You’re right that SHINee matured a lot with this album! (If we just ignore that they followed it up with ‘Hello’).
      Yes, the way Jonghyun writes lyrics and the way he then sings them is very impressive! It makes me feel that the lyrics are really personal somehow…
      Nowadays I think Taemin is the most manly, but back then he was still quite boyish and cute 😛
      Yes, seeing how much they’ve grown makes me so proud… And they’re doing so well!

      Haha I’m sure that applies to most kpop stars!

  2. “Replay” will forever be my favorite SHINee song of all time and “Lucifer” is what i consider to be THE album for the group. this became the start of what would be the group’s amazing journey towards music growth and signature style.

    “Lucifer” (the song) did not really get to me as quickly as their previous releases did probably because i got surprise of how different it was. the music style shift was errr…that is until i saw them preform it live and i was MINDBLOWN!!! it set the start of SHINee’s onstage kind of performance. crisp. clean. goosebumps enducing.

    “A-Yo” was a different story though. it became an istant hit for me (like on the first 5 seconds) and the fact that it was JH’s voice…i was done! it’s such a fun song!! it’s actually what i use as my alarm tone whenever i have to get up really early for work.

    “Quasimodo” was a surprise for me. i was never really big on ballads (i only have one playlist with 9 ballads on it that i listen to whenever i have hard time sleeping) but i liked it the very first time i heard it. i blame it on how beautiful their voices are in here. the song, the voices…beautiful.

    after this my “relationship” with the group had been a rollercoaster one but SHINee will always be special to me because this the very first KPop group that i saw grow. from Replay until now. my KPop journey started when they were also starting their journey. DBSK & SuJu i discovered when they were already at their peak but i was there when SHINee had their debut performance and it’s a different feeling like that.

    2008 was KPop’s Golden Year, IMO. that year gave us Wonder Girls’ Nobody, DBSK’s Mirotic, Big Bang’s Haru Haru and SHINee’s Replay.

    1. ‘Replay’ isn’t my favourite song from SHINee, but it is a great song and such a classic. One of the best debuts ever, in my opinion. And I definitely agree with you that this album really nailed their style, they’ve been fairly consistent ever since, style wise.

      I agree that ‘Lucifer’ is absolutely mind-blowing live! I loved the song when it initially came out but I’ve actually gotten less fond of it over the years… But it represents so many memories to me that I’ll always love it.

      ‘A-Yo’ is the most calming and reassuring song ever… It’s pretty much impossible to worry while listening to that song, I love it.

      Yes, I agree. I’m not super big on ballads at all and it takes a pretty specific mood for me to really listen to them, but when I do, this is a given. It’s such a beautiful song.

      Sadly, I wasn’t there when SHINee first debuted… And for the first years I was very unorganised and had no idea what groups were new and which were old… So the first group of kpop groups that I can truly remember the debuts of are the 2012 batch of EXO, B.A.P and NU’EST… And while you can definitely see progress there they haven’t really been around long enough for me to really speak of a journey. I’m looking forward to seeing the groups that debut now develop and grow, now when I really do know who’s who.

      Once again, I sadly wasn’t there. That time is something I can only experience by going back and listening to those songs, which isn’t really the same thing… I’m sure it was awesome though!

      Thanks a lot for commenting, it means a lot!

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