Final Ranking of EXO

This is a post to summarize my two opinionated profiles of the EXO members. I will here try to rank all twelve of them. Which won’t be hard. At all. Honestly, even though EXO is now one, I still kind of think of them as two separate units which is why it’s hard for me to compare the EXO-K members to the EXO-M members. But I’ll give it a try! (If you want to read what I think about each member more extensively then check out my opinionated profiles!)

12. Xiumin


I’m sorry Xiumin… It never feels good to put anyone last, but someone’s got to be there and there really isn’t anything that really pulls me towards you.

11. Suho


The only real reason why I put Suho above Xiumin here is because I think Suho is insanely attractive, in a very classic, almost prince charming-kind of way. Besides that Suho and Xiumin are on equal ground.

10. D.O


D.O has a very nice recorded voice, but that’s pretty much it when it comes to my reasons for being interested in him.

9. Baekhyun


Baekhyun has a nice voice and is very good live. His personality is fine as well but I’m not super interested in him.

8. Chanyeol


Chanyeol is quite charming and my favorite rapper in EXO, but I’m not overly fond of him.

7. Sehun


Sehun is weird, and therefore hilarious. Looks sort of good but sort of weird. I’m fine with him but I’m not in love.

6. Lay


Lay is the best dancer in EXO. Sometimes he’s very good-looking (like here) and sometimes he looks a little strange. Cute confused personality.

5. Kris


Kris is the most awesomely strange awkward turtle. He’s unintentionally hilarious. Kind of an awkward rapper and dancer, though he has gotten better.

4. Tao


The guy with the absolute coolest look in the entire group. Just look at that picture! He looks beyond awesomely evil, and I love it! The martial arts thing is awesome too.

3. Chen


Super gorgeous and love love LOVE his voice. His personality made me fall in love with him to an absurd degree.

1.5. Luhan


He is number 1.5 instead of number 2 because I have two biases in EXO, deal with it! I chose them when EXO was still divided and now I can’t let either of them go. I’m sliiightly less attached to Luhan but I absolutely love this cute little thing to death.

1. Kai


I love Kai to death. Love love love. Not much more to say there.

Okay final thoughts… With the exceptions of Xiumin and Kai, you can see that I’m more attached to the EXO-M members than the EXO-K members. I’m not sure why that is actually… No idea. I also feel like kind of an idiot since I’ve obviously bought everything from SM. They pushed Kai to the forefront insanely much when they debuted and Luhan is another SM golden boy. I can always say that I wasn’t around when EXO was debuting (I was taking a break from kpop at the tine) and I didn’t watch the teasers, so I can’t have been influenced by the Kai brain-washing. But I probably was anyway. Even though it’s a little annoying that the guys I call my biases happen to be the two faces of the group, I love them to EXO planet and back so I’ll stick with them.

Okay, that’s my final ranking of the EXO members! As I said in the beginning, if you want to read more detailed opinions about the individual members then check out Random Post #3 and Random Post #4.1 for the opinionated profiles!

And as always, if you have any opinions or suggestions for Tuesday’s review, Friday’s list of the week or next Sunday’s random post then leave me a comment or email me at!

– Admin A


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