Ranking of my Favorite Music Sounds Among Kpop Girl Groups

This is the follow-up to the list I did last week where I ranked my top 9 favorite girl groups SOLELY based on how much their image appeals to me. Here I’ll do the same thing but this list is SOLELY based on how much I listen to and enjoy their music. And remember, the criteria for even being on this list is that I know all the names of the members. (though there is actually one group on here where I can only put the right name to the right member with about half of them… See if you figure out which one that is…) Okay let’s get on with this!

9. Kara


I only have 4 songs from Kara on my phone and I only really enjoy one of them (Which would be ‘Damaged Lady’, by the way), so putting them in last place on this list wasn’t exactly a hard decision. I’m honestly not very attached to Kara at all, but I can name all the members so I have to include them. Just the fact that I took the time to learn all their names is a huge leap forward for them, a couple of years ago I would basically hiss at people if they mentioned them. They can thank whoever styled/wrote/directed ‘Damaged Lady’ for that.



I have 8 SISTAR songs on my phone (And that’s counting the two SISTAR19 songs as well) (I’m not sure why I keep mentioning how many songs I have from people, but I feel like it’s actually highly relevant, so I’ll keep including it) and out of those my favorite is definitely ‘Give It To Me’. And I’m not super into that song either.

‘Gone Not Around Any Longer’ is good too but I don’t want to give it to much space here, since that song only included two of the members. SISTAR’s songs are normally fine but nothing that really catches my attention, so they really aren’t supposed to be higher on here.

7. Wonder Girls

wonder girls

I have six songs from the Wonder Girls on my phone but since I like them more than the SISTAR songs I have this order of ranking them makes perfect sense. Just as their image, the sound of the Wonder Girls is most of the time quite retro. Which can be fun at times, but it’s not something I’m super into. Their songs are catchy and fun but they’re not really songs that I would ever refer to as great. I do love catchy and fun songs though!

6. Brown Eyed Girls

brown eyed girls

As I said in my countdown of my top 5 favorite girl groups I only have 4 songs from the Brown Eyed Girls on my phone, but they still made it onto that list! That’s because I love those four songs (they are: ‘Abracadabra’, ‘Sixth Sense’, ‘Cleansing Cream’ and ‘Kill Bill’, please recommend some more to me!). If this list was just about how good I think a group’s music is then they would rank higher, but I have to take into account that I really don’t listen to them much, which is a shame.

5. T-ARA


I have 21 T-ARA songs on my phone (that’s counting the T-ARA N4 song and two collaborations) and I listen to them fairly often, though some more than others, of course. My favorites are, at least right now: ‘Sexy Love’, ‘Day By Day’ and ‘I Know The Feeling’. That feels like that’s a very random hodge-podge of styles… But since that’s T-ARA over-all discography, I guess that’s appropriate. T-ARA mostly make really fun and catchy electronic songs, and I like that. It’s something I enjoy listening to, which is evident in the fact that I have quite a few songs from them. I don’t think they’re always of the highest quality though… They’re more fun and catchy than they’re great works of musical art.

4. Miss A

miss a

I have six Miss A songs on my phone. So how did they land above T-ARA, you ask? Well… I just like their songs better. I can sing along to almost the entirety of all of those songs and I listen to them loads. They’re just great songs, though some are of course way better than others. My favorite song from them is still ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ actually. That was a great song! I wasn’t madly in love with ‘Good Bye Baby’, though it has grown on me, and even though ‘Touch’ was very cool and funky, it can get a little boring. I really like ‘Hush’ though. Very pleased with that one.

3. f(x)


I have 16 f(x) songs on my phone, and that’s counting one collaboration. f(x) has some really fun and great songs that I really enjoy listening to. Especially if you look at their ‘Pink Tape’ album from last year, 9 of the songs I have are actually from that album. That album was also a lot more mature and gave us some songs that were really great, not just super fun and catchy. I’m obviously referring especially to ‘Shadow’ here, but that album in general was a great effort. Some of their older songs like ‘Chu’ and ‘Hot Summer’, or like everything they’ve ever made before ‘Pink Tape’, were a lot of fun and very catchy but not as solid as legit songs. I haven’t listened through any of those albums though, so I’m just judging based on the promotional singles.

2. Girls’ Generation

girls' generation

I have 37 Girls’ Generation songs on my phone… Wow that’s a lot. That’s counting two collaborations and one sub-unit song though… And two live covers of other songs. But still! Seeing the numbers like this it feels almost(?) delusional that I denied that I like Girls’ Generation for so long… Quite a few of these are songs that I normally skip while listening on shuffle but there are still many songs here that I listen to very frequently… So my favorite songs are: ‘My oh My’, ‘Run Devil Run’, ‘Into The New World’ and ‘The Great Escape’. And a couple of their Japanese ballads are really really nice too. I’m not sure if there are more Japanese ballads than the two I’m thinking about… Maybe there are? Either way, I’m too lazy to check.

1. 2NE1


This shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone… 2NE1 is my favorite girl group and I have 20 songs from them on my phone, including one collaboration. (I can’t believe I have so many more Girls’ Generation songs… I even listen to T-ARA more than 2NE1. T-ARA!) These are my girls and I listen to them a lot. My favorite songs are: ‘I Am The Best’, ‘It Hurts’, ‘Ugly’, ‘Do You Love Me’ and ‘Can’t Nobody’. The English version of ‘Can’t Nobody’ was the very first 2NE1 song I ever heard, so it’s very special to me.

The end! I know that these two last lists might seem like a random concept, but you better get used to it because we have the boys coming up! Let me know what you think of my list, and how you would rank them in the comments below!

If you have any opinions or suggestions for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review or next Friday’s list of the week then leave me a comment or email me at topofthekpops@gmail.com!

– Admin A


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