Review of GOT7’s Album ‘Got It?’

When one of the big three put out a new group, the whole kpop community is watching. We all expect something more, something bigger and better than what we expect from the more unknown companies. And with that said let’s get into this review!

As I said, a new group from one of the big three is a big deal. So I was, for once, paying attention while the members were being introduced and I watched the music video at like 5AM (instead of going back to sleep…). And so far, I’m liking what I see. This seems to be talented group and they managed to make the members stand out in individual ways. (Which is one thing that really bothered me about BTS when they first debuted, they barely did that at all.) I know that a lot of people have been saying that they’re too alike the old-school 2PM but since I wasn’t around back then and I’ve never ventured that far back in their discography, I wouldn’t know. And ignorance is bliss, so I’ll stay this way. Now on to the review!

Track 1 – Hello

This first track is really just them announcing their debut, in a slightly cocky way of course. I’m not super fond of this track, even though I find some parts incredibly catchy, the overall song gets a little boring. Some parts are nice with a cool beat though.

Track 2 – Girls Girls Girls

This is the debut song, the one that decides their fates. Okay, not really. But it sounded dramatic, okay?! Anyway, I know that quite a few people were disappointed with this and said that it was boring and not at all as good as they expected but I have to disagree. I think this song did it’s job excellently and it’s crazily stuck in my head. And about all the bragging which I know annoyed a lot of people, they’re not bragging about being the best! That’s normally the complaint when rookie groups release really cocky songs, that they’re not the best yet. This is just them bragging, complaining even, about how all girls want them. And that has nothing to do with them being a rookie group, so stop blaming your complaints on that! And I think it’s fun, so… And come on, can you disagree with them on that point?

Track 3 – I Like You

I knew from the second I heard the intro that this was going to be a great song. And it really is! Definitely one of my favorites from the album, maybe even THE one I like the best. Lyric-wise it’s just a very sweet song about a guy trying to get his insecure girlfriend to understand that she’s way better than all the pretty actresses and the skinny models, that she’s always the prettiest to him. It’s not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but it’s very sweet and I like it.

Track 4 – Follow Me

I think this song is a lot better live… Live it’s a very fun and catchy song but the recorded version gets a little boring, just saying. My favorite part of it would definitely be the English rap done by Mark and Jackson, both fluent English speakers, if I’ve understood things correctly. At least it sounds very fluent, and I just know that that will be the part that I’ll always be singing along to, without any rapping skills whatsoever. Lyric-wise this is pretty much the same as ‘Hello’ and ‘Girls Girls Girls’, it’s kind of cocky and not exactly emotional. Which doesn’t bother me at all, but I had to point it out.

Track 5 – Like Oh

This song is basically a guy wanting to confess to a girl but not being sure if it’s the right time. It’s a sweet song in essence but the ‘Oh – All night long’- part makes it seem just a wee bit less innocent. And the overall sound of the song isn’t that juvenile either. I like this song, though not as much as I like ‘I Like You’, but it’s still good. I’m a little bit puzzled about their decision to have two songs with such similar names in an album that’s only six songs long though… It feels like that could get kind of confusing.

Track 6 – Playground

This is by far the cutest and sweetest song on the album. It’s about a guy asking a girl to be his ‘playground’ aka the thing that makes him dream now that he’s an adult. Well, of course! That was the exact thing I thought of when I first heard the much-repeated line ‘You’re my playground’. Especially that one time when they added  ‘every night’ to the end of that phrase… That was obviously the only logical way to interpret that! But that aside, I think the metaphor is quite interesting, and it’s definitely something I haven’t heard before.

Final thoughts

I’m pleased with this album. There wasn’t a song on there that I thought was bad and this album overall displayed their talents very well. But it feels like an incredibly divided album. On one hand we have the three very cocky songs ‘Hello’, ‘Girls Girls Girls’ and ‘Follow Me’ and on the other hand we have the three cute and sweet songs ‘I Like You’, ‘Like Oh’ and ‘Playground’. And I’m sorry, but ending an album that started with ‘Hello’ with ‘Playground’ just isn’t logical on any level whatsoever. But I won’t be too hard on them, this is their first effort and I definitely think it was good for a rookie group! And compared to the other two rookies Topp Dogg and K-Much who recently debuted these boys are so far infinitely better. And that could of course just be because they’re from JYP, but I’m going to give the boys at least some of the credit here.

I’m growing fond of these boys already… So much so that I’m pretty sure I’ve already got their names down. (Though I’ll of course be insanely confused when they change all their hairstyles for the next promotions) I have to say that I’m also very happy that JJ Project didn’t just disappear. I really loved their single ‘Bounce’ so I’m glad that JYP didn’t just drop them. Welcome back boys!


What did you think about my review? What’s your favorite song on the album and what do you think about GOT7 so far? Let me know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Review of GOT7’s Album ‘Got It?’

  1. Like Oh and I Like You are pretty damn good. I agree that maybe it is not the most cohesive mini out there but it shows that the group has (lots) of potential- especially if you look at their lives, too.

    1. Yes, I most certainly agree! ‘Like Oh’ is rapidly growing on me and I loved ‘I Like You’ from the get go. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they’ll do next!

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