Opinionated profile of EXO-K


I’m splitting EXO up into two parts, just because it’s way too hard for me to rank all twelve of them. Here’s the third post in my opinionated profiles-series! As always, the members will be ranked from the one I like the least to the one I like the most. I like all of them though, obviously.

6. Suho


Birth name: Kim Joon Myeon

Stage name: Suho

Super power: Water

Blood type: AB

Birthday: May 22, 1991

Official height: 173 cm

Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist

Comment: Sorry, Suho doesn’t really interest me much… He has an alright/pretty good voice but his personality is fairly uninteresting. (Though him trying to learn martial arts on EXO Showtime was adorable) So I happen to think that his absolute best quality is the way he looks. He’s very short but if we ignore that fact, this guy is absolutely gorgeous. I mean, to die for gorgeous. Good for you Suho, but it isn’t enough for me.

5. D.O


Birth name: Do Kyung Soo

Stage name: D.O.

Super power: Earth

Blood type: A

Birthday: January 12, 1993

Official height: 173 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: I LOVE D.O’s voice! But he doesn’t seem to be very stable live… And that’s a big problem, especially for a main vocalist. He really holds the group up in recorded songs, but the fact that he doesn’t seem to be able to hit his high-notes live earns him a lower spot on my list.

 I find his personality to be quite uninteresting as well (I’m very hard on their personalities, even though I might like them in real life if their on-screen personalities don’t fascinate me, I’m not really interested. They have to be something that I want to watch, and D.O doesn’t really do much for me)

Aaaand I don’t think he’s that attractive either. He’s very short, has huge eyes and big lips. I’m sad to say this but he looks like a little kid, most of the time. And that really doesn’t work for me, so sadly his look can’t earn him a higher spot.

4. Baekhyun


Birth name: Byun Baek Hyun

Stage name: Baekhyun

Super power: Light (Sun)

Blood type: O

Birthday: May 6, 1992

Official height: 174 cm

Position: Main Vocalist

Comment: Recorded I prefer D.O’s voice over Baekhyun’s, but live Baekhyun blows D.O out of the water. He always goes all out and has a good stage presence, he’s just an all-round good performer. But, as I said, recorded I don’t find his voice as memorable.

Personality-wise Baekhyun is quite neutral for me. He doesn’t absolutely charm me but he doesn’t bore me either. And I think that the bromance he and Chen have going on on EXO Showtime is really cute. And I of course can’t know if it’s fan service or real, but I think it seems very natural so I’m going to see them as friends.

Looks-wise I’m not so sure about this guy… He can be really cute at times but he looks so incredibly delicate! He kind of looks like a tiny tiny dog that you’re always worried you’re going to sit on and kill. Wow, that’s a weird description. But I think you catch my drift.

3. Chanyeol


Birth name: Park Chan Yeol

Stage name: Chanyeol

Super power: Flame (Phoenix)

Blood type: A

Birthday: November 27, 1992

Official height: 185 cm

Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist

Comment: This guy is most certainly the best rapper in EXO, at least in my opinion. He has a better flow than anyone else and I really like rappers with a deeper tone, so he wins. I don’t think he’s a great rapper though… But he’s better than the others.

Chanyeol has a very powerful and commanding personality. At times it can get a bit annoying, I think, and a bit over-the-top, almost like he’s an attention hog. But sometimes I find him very charming and as an MC, this guy is a given.

Looks-wise I’m not so sure… I like that he’s tall (though I’m not so sure about 185 cm…) and I love his voice when he speaks (I know that’s not a part of his look, but I just had to mention it!) but the rest of his look doesn’t do much for me… I think his face makes him look very young at times, but in a kind of strange way… Sorry Chanyeol, I’m just not attracted to you.

2. Sehun


Birth name: Oh Se Hun

Stage name: Sehun

Super power: Wind

Blood type: O

Birthday: April 12, 1994

Official height: 181 cm

Position: Lead Dancer, Rapper, Sub-vocalist, Maknae

Comment: Talent-wise Sehun doesn’t really impress me… I don’t think he’s a good singer nor a good rapper. He is one of the stronger dancers in the group though, and that always counts for something.

I’m not sure how Sehun got this high on my list… Is it just because I’m more attached to the EXO-M members so getting high on this list doesn’t really mean much? I really have no idea… His personality is kind of really weird which makes him strangely hilarious. Maybe that’s why? Or is it just because I have a friend who’s kind of in love with him and I just have to go along? Well, good for you Sehun! You earned this spot! (…?)

I’m not physically attracted to him at all. I think he looks kind of weird. There, I said it. (My friend’s going to kill me)

1. Kai


Birth name: Kim Jong In

Stage name: Kai

Super power: Teleportation

Blood type: A

Birthday: January 14, 1994

Official height: 182 cm

Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Face of the Group

Comment: I love Kai. But I don’t think he’s EXO’s best dancer. Sorry, babe. You’re still a really really good dancer though! The rapping isn’t that good, but it’s passable.

I think Kai has a great personality. He’s cute, funny and care-free but he’s never over-the-top. He’s just all around charming.

This is the hotter version of Taemin. But with way more sex-appeal. I love Taemin to death, but Kai has him beat in the looks department. This guy is absolutely f***ing gorgeous. I really don’t know how he manages to ooze of sex-appeal the way he does… But I approve.

There! I’ll be posting an opinionated profile for EXO-M as well, though not next week because I think I’ll be doing a girl group. But most likely the week after that! I am more attached to most of the EXO-M members than I am to the EXO-K members. With the exception of Kai, that is. I love love love my EXO-M bias but Kai is a little bit ahead!

Let me know if you liked this profile, and if you think I should continue with the opinionated profiles forever or if you want me to mix it up more. Let me know in the comments!

If you have any opinions or suggestions for Tuesday’s review, Friday’s list of the week or next Sunday’s random post, then leave me a comment or email me at topofthekpops@gmail.com!

– Admin A

19 thoughts on “Opinionated profile of EXO-K

  1. This makes me realize how much more I like Exo M XD
    I have got pretty clear opinions on each of the members except for Baekhyun. I love him as a performer and vocalist and he comes across as a nice guy.
    BUT there are those glimpses of him being overly greedy for screen time and putting himself before the group, maybe that’s just me though…
    Kai is awesome, definitely the hotter version of Taemin:DD
    So you think that Lay is the best dancer or is there a dark horse I don’t know of XD ?

    1. Haha yeah that’s what I realised too xD Kai and 5 of the EXO-M members are my top 6 x)
      I’ve never noticed that, to be honest… But I could just be inattentive.
      Yep! And as I said, I love Taemin to death but Kai is just hotter xD
      Yeah, it’d be Lay… Kai is second though 🙂
      – Admin A

      1. I think EXO showtime is a nice show, it’s real funny at times. Especially the last episode (number 8 that is), you should check it out if you’re even the slightest bit interested in seeing Kris make a fool out of himself doing martial arts xD
        – Admin A

  2. Yay! I’m so happy you wrote this, I was hoping you would write an Exo profile post sometime XD I love Kai as well, he’s extremely adorable and smokin’ hawt! I fall into a fangirl coma every time a gif of him dancing comes across my tumblr dash…FML

    Though I do think Baekhyun is charismatic on-stage and super cute off-stage, he earned his title as my bias in Exo because of his singing. Besides having superb power vocals, he also has a wonderful falsetto and surprisingly sensitive head voice. In his cover of “love song” (link to it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5jVCjWKkBA), his voice, especially in the end, is so beautiful and vulnerable, a huge contrast to his sound in Exo…ok I’ll stop praising my bias to the stars now Lol I’m hopeless *sighhh*

    1. Also, referring to our previous discussion on friends liking/disliking our personal biases too much, the awkwardness between me and my sis was caused by Baekhyun being my bias…she wasn’t a big fan of him at the time. She likes him a little better now, and she teases me all the time about how much I like “sizzling hot Bacon” ugghhhhh

      1. Haha you could have suggested it to me then! XD Kai…. Oh Kai…. Why you making me so fangirly?!

        Haha I can’t watch that right this moment (because I’m running late and I have to leave soon) but I’ll make sure to watch it when I get back! And don’t worry, praising your bias so much that you start sounding obsessed just means you found a good one! 😉

        Hahaha clever one! Too bad I don’t know anyone irl who loves Baekhyun… Otherwise I definitely would have used that line!

        – Admin A

  3. I was going to send in a request, but you beat me to it haha

    Lol that’s true, but I may have picked my bias too well…he ruins my life on so many different levels ugh

    Aww however, now you can tease me with that line when I go on a Baekhyun rant again hahaha 😀

  4. I’m more into EXO M than K, not an EXO at all, but Lay is pretty cute. as for EXO K, I pick Baekyung as my favorite, he’s just so cute. oh would you write an opinionated post on Super Junior? just curious. keep these posts coming! love reading them

  5. I’m so thankful that I have finally found someone who didn’t find Sehun physically attractive haha. Before this, I had always thought that there was something wrong with me or something like that because there were just so many Sehun-biased EXO-Ls like everywhere

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