Ranking of my Favorite Images Among Kpop Girl Groups

Hey guys… You know what? It has now been 17 days and 9 posts since I launched this blog and we’re close to hitting 1100 views! This is insane… I’m so grateful that you guys are taking the time to read what I’m writing (especially you guys that comment, you rock!) and I hope that I can keep you guys interested in the future as well!

Okay, now that’s done with. On to the list of the week! This is the third list of the week (or fourth, since there was two last week) and it’s kind of a special one. This is me taking my 9 favorite girl groups (the only nine girl groups that I listen to enough and care enough about to be able to name all the members) and ranking them based on how much their image appeals to me. Remember, this is only about the image! I’ll do another list, maybe next week, where I rank them after how much their music appeals to me but this is just about the images. Okay, get the concept? Then forward ho!

9. Girls’ Generation

girls' generation2

As you know if you read my countdown of my top 5 favorite girl groups, Girls’ Generation is way too aegyo for me. Yes yes, they have gotten less aegyo over the years but they are still the aegyo queens. And I just don’t like that. Especially because these girls are getting older (some of them are approaching 25) and maintaining the aegyo concept feels uncomfortable and frankly ridiculous.

8. Kara


I’m not entirely sure what Kara’s image really is. Is it cute? Is it sexy? Both? The latest promotions they had cut out the cute and focused on more sexy and confident (which I liked) but up until then I would have to say that their concept and image have been both. Not alternating back and forth like some groups do, but both at the same time. For example, take ‘Mister’, that is a quite cute song and the dance is partly cute but it also has one of the most infamous butt-dances out there. Kara’s image is too confusing and therefore doesn’t appeal to me that much.

7. Wonder Girls

wonder girls

The Wonder Girls was the group that first brought me in and who made me a casual kpopper and for that my gratitude is endless. But since then I’ve moved on and I’m not that attached to these girls anymore. Their image has always been very retro (though the time period has varied) and retro really isn’t my style. Many of their songs are very cute and catchy but as an image it quickly bores me.

6. T-ARA


T-ARA is a classic example of a group that has jumped back and forth between sexy and cute, and that level of confused doesn’t really appeal to me. I like to know what I’m getting. I like to know what group to listen to depending on what style I’m in the mood for. But since they did have some concepts that I really liked, plus that is seems like they’re becoming a little more consistent, they deserve a spot this high up on my list.



SISTAR are sexy, end of story. I think they do sexy and seductive better than almost anyone out there and it happens to be a concept that works well for me. They’re consistent and all the members seem comfortable in their own image. I think their image is a little one-dimensional though and therefore they are not higher on my list.

4. f(x)


f(x) is the perfect representation of a quirky kpop group. They’re fun, a little bit different and they have outrageously weird and fun fashion that I could never in a million years pull off. f(x) has had a very clear and concise image since debut and that’s certainly a plus. Tomboy Amber asserts their quirky way of being different even more since tomboys are a very uncommon sight in kpop.

3. Miss A

miss a

As I said in my countdown of my top 5 favorite girl groups, Miss A has had a very consistent image ever since their debut. They’re sexy, they don’t take shit from anyone and they know what they want. It’s a great image and I think it works insanely well for them. I’m happy that JYP hasn’t messed with it too much, since it was perfect immediately when they debuted with ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’.

2. 2NE1


2NE1 are the queens of girl power! Their image is very consistent (even though they go more ‘hood’ at times, and more emotional at times) and it’s an image that’s put them right where they are today, at the top of the pack. It has gotten a little bit gimmicky and try-hard at some points in the past but I enjoyed it, so I’m going to let it pass. They also sometimes wear the most outrageous fashion, and pulls it off! Mad cred, girls.

1. Brown Eyed Girls

brown eyed girls

This is the group with my all time favorite image. These girls, sorry women, are by far the most mature and adult kpop girl group out there. Which makes sense, considering that they’re all (with the exception of Gain) over thirty. Their image is very sexy, but it’s not a gimmicky kind of sexy like in Kara’s ‘Mister’, it’s a mature and confident kind of sexy. Which is, of course, the best kind. These girls have also tackled important social issues in their songs, which makes them even better!

There we have it, my ranking of how much the images of my top 9 favorite girl groups appeal to me. Do you agree with my list? Let me know in the comments!

If you have any opinions or suggestions for Sunday’s random post, Tuesday’s review or next Friday’s list of the week then leave me a comment or email me at topofthekpops@gmail.com!

– Admin A

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