Ranking of my Favorite Images Among Kpop Girl Groups

Hey guys… You know what? It has now been 17 days and 9 posts since I launched this blog and we’re close to hitting 1100 views! This is insane… I’m so grateful that you guys are taking the time to read what I’m writing (especially you guys that comment, you rock!) and I hope that I can keep you guys interested in the future as well!

Okay, now that’s done with. On to the list of the week! This is the third list of the week (or fourth, since there was two last week) and it’s kind of a special one. This is me taking my 9 favorite girl groups (the only nine girl groups that I listen to enough and care enough about to be able to name all the members) and ranking them based on how much their image appeals to me. Remember, this is only about the image! I’ll do another list, maybe next week, where I rank them after how much their music appeals to me but this is just about the images. Okay, get the concept? Then forward ho! Continue reading